● Now on Release! ●

A unique mono-color puzzle game where you paint over art on the canvas. Aiming for minimalism may even lead to some deep and complex concepts! Enjoy the freedom to find your very own painting style. With simple and stylish graphics, wonderfully light piano sounds, and adorable voices, please enjoy this brand-new style of puzzles unlike anything else!






Requires Android 4.4 or later / iOS 10.0 or later


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● Producer / Creative Director / Game Design / Graphic Design ●

Hiroya Kita


● Technical Director / Main Programmer ●

Yuuki Ono


● Asst. Programmer ●

Yuuki Nagoya


● Sounds ●

Hisashi Kawamoto


● Voices ●

Fumi Takashima


● English Version Translation ●

Active Gaming Media


● Spacial Thanks ●


Yusuke Kakuma


Tomoyuki Murakami

Granzella Game Studios